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Polished Concrete:

A Bomanite Polished concrete floor is an extremely durable and 100% environmentally friendly flooring solution. Polished concrete utilizes the existing concrete substrate and eliminates the need for any heavy, costly and toxic floor coverings. This total concrete solution never peels like epoxy flooring, comes off like concrete tiles and unlike stamped concrete it is flat and smooth.Please see the Bomanite Green Diamond Polished Concrete System page.

Floor Coating Removal:

Old, worn, ugly flooring? Missing patches, dis-bonding epoxy paint coatings, concrete tiles popping off everywhere that makes your business look unprofessional and un-kept. Tired of your clients in manila, Cebu and the Philippines looking at your establishment as mediocre and just plain ugly? We have the concrete solution! We are professionals in the removal of old epoxy paint coatings and flooring coverings. We not only remove these epoxy paint coatings and prep the surface properly, we are your one stop total solution. We provide the total solution for your needs. Please contact us and we will be happy to visit your project site and prepare a solution for your flooring challenge.

Concrete Joint Filling and Repair:

Tired of all the blow outs, spalls and huge holes caused by not protecting your concrete joints. Have you realized that simple, cheap and useless silicone sealants do nothing? Do you want to stop items from falling off of your forklifts or increase productivity by being able to move faster than a snail’s pace? Do need to keep your joints clean and professional? You need a professional and complete joint solution. We repair and rebuild joints. Then we fill them with 100% solids, two component, heavy duty semi-rigid Polyurea joint filler intended for use in filling and protecting contraction and construction joints in industrial, retail or commercial concrete floors.

Polishable overlays:

Is you concrete surface dead? Is it in such bad condition you are not sure what to do? We have the answer to solve your challenge. We can remove the surface and prepare it to install a Bomanite Polishable Cementations overlay system. It’s like having a brand new floor installed without having to remove your old concrete and pour a new surface. Polishable Bomanite self-leveling, self-drying, no troweling cement based toppings for fast track resurfacing.

No matter your flooring challenge with have a solution. Please contact us From Manila to Cebu or anywhere (link to contact info) and we are happy to visit your location and analyze your surface. We will design a professional solution for your challenge and then provide expert implementation of that solution.

Bomanite Stamped Concrete:

Bomanite Stamped Concrete System is a cast-in-place concrete system that adds a distinctive architectural touch to any project. Bomanite Stamped Concrete is extremely durable and can hold up to the toughest traffic loads and environmental conditions. For more than 5 decades Bomanite has offered a almost limitless palette of colors, textures and patterns. Bomanite offers over a 100 designs along with standard and custom colors. From natural selections such as slate, granite, limestone, brick, cobblestone and much more.  
Whether its Residential, Industrial, Commercial, Retail or Municipal. We have the skill to deliver the correct product the first time.

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